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I need some Scouters to look at my Art Portal

2011-11-21 18:53:33 by tommysalami666

Attention Attention everyone!! I need someone to scout my art portal so I may share my artwork with all the other newgrond users!! I'd appreciate it very much and much more cooler stuff is heading on the way!! That's all folks!!!!

I need some Scouters to look at my Art Portal


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2011-11-21 18:57:57

You need more practice.

Maybe work on shading more.

tommysalami666 responds:

true that


2011-11-21 19:21:23

Read this
http://ornery.newgrounds.com/news/pos t/388624
And once you do, you will realize that asking to be scouted is a surefire way not to get scouted.

As for your actual art. you need a lot of work in all areas of art basics before you are ready to be scouted.

tommysalami666 responds:

true that! thanks for the review


2011-12-19 17:03:25

What is..
I will give full critique and advise.
Are you ready?
Alright. First, learn how to shade and make cleaner lines. Also, try out as many mediums and expand your horizons using digital art with programs such as photoshop, correl painter, ect. And besides.. is that colored pencils here? If so, try out some serious marker art using brands like prismacolor. Or get creative with colored pencils, making as many textures and shades and make it looks and come- ALIVE. You can do so much with art, and that's what i want to see you do! :)
Also, you really shouldn't ask someone for anything. And i even mean outside of newgrounds. Just prove it first, then wait a while an dif they don't budge, then ask.
and the users say below, you should have way more art in here than just this.
I also recommend getting a scanner if you don't already have one.. it helps you make your offline art have better quality(Just saying because this looks kinds like you took a picture of it, or you put it into ms paint and zoomed in.. idk)
And remember, get creative! Get freaky, creepy, and just find out your own style.

tommysalami666 responds:

Thank you for that critique review sir!! Yes I need lots and lots of practice I know im following the art 101 guidelines on newgrounds to know the tips and tricks of art! I have many many good ideas and I want to put them into action!! SInce I have much free time now Ill be makin some of my ideas come to life in a more "eye popping" way so to speak. Seriously thank you for that review!!